The Sunfire, A New Game Experience

Welcome to Blood Knight Order. The Sunfire, A New Game Experience

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Dusk Howl

The Winged Wolf RPG where there are no limits.

winged, dusk, howl, wolf, daybreak, linkin, mura, arcaii, destinye, stormcloud, chessru, brook, creekstone, skah, #sunfire, polaris

Ultimate Death Machines

Welcome to the Ultimate DM Clan home base. This is a Multi-Gaming Clan. This Clan was created to interact with each other in a fun environment and all who love P.C and PS3 Gaming are welcome.

xfire, clan, avp2, doom, alcatraz, #sunfire, pics, ultimate, death, machines

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Wiring dual bias in a "stock" Mk.IV

Hi, I am very pleased with my modded original amps. PC-4 has been treated to modern parts and the amps sound great. For a while I've wanted to wire individual tube bias pots for the EL34's. It looks as simple as seperating the output tubes and adding

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