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Six SSBC Prototypes Dating as Early as March 2009

I was looking for one gmk file. I found six relevant gmk files, giving Crusade a prototype history similar to Sonic 2. Oddly, I've always liked playing prototypes of games. This is not only a nice treat for those die-hard fans of Crusade, but it also give


The long-awaited version 0.9.0 download is now available! Main Download (ALL MINOR PATCHES ARE

Krazeh's SSBC Mods

I'm gonna mod some stuff in SSBC, and so far, I have two WIP mods. I posted a video of Final Destination mod (play Through the Fire and Flames if you want to fully experience the sound), and I'm currently in progress of Gallade and Zangoose. Fire and

SSBC 9.0 Tier List (SSBC Discord Approved)

SSBC 0.8.4

Can someone give me the link of the Super Smash Bros Crusade 0.8.4 demo version? I can't seem to find it on the forums

Official Soundtrack Thread -WIPs

Soundtrack for Ver. 0.9 Main Theme *Complete* Online Menu *Complete* Alternate

Leftover Content in SSBC Demos/Our page on The Cutting Room Floor

Here's how this works: For any version of SSBC, find any files not used by the game. Let me tell you- there are plenty of strange/interesting ones. For example, in version 1.1 (which can be downloaded off of the Facebook page), Luigi is the only

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