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Pieces of Eight!

A pirate and sailing rp set in the aftermath of Treasure Island. No pressure if you haven't read the books or seen the films; just come and pirate with us anyway!

pirate, pieces, eight, 18th, century, sailing, treasure, island, captain, flint, long, john, silver, hawkins, livesy, #squire, trelawney

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YOUR IN TROUBLE MY MAN! I hear on the great vien that a FF kit has been purchased by you! I demand build pics for the forum M P.S have a spare P canopy if you want it

Hobbywing ESC

Im having a go at converting my Black horse twister from ic to electric and im confused with the ESC. Can i use the BEC or will i need to use a seperate RX battery? it is a Hobbywing Pentium 60A from giant cod. The instructions say the BEC is 5V 3A an

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