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Roots in our sewer line

Like clockwork every 2 years we have to have our sewer line roto-rooted to be rid of hair thin tree roots growing into our sewer line. I Googled up some preventative measures but nothing sounded too definite. One mentioned flushing 4lbs of rock salt

Examples of sewer scenery? (Modular)

I was looking through the gallery subforum the other day, and found some really clever sewer scenery pieces - but I forgot to bookmark it, and now I can't find it anymore. They are similar to Cianty's modular mine pieces - but ofcourse being sewer

Tahoe Z56 for sale

I bought a new work truck, so I am regretfully selling my 1999 Z56 tahoe. For those who don't know the Z56 is the two wheel drive police package. I am the second owner, previous owner was the New Haven Connecticut FBI. Truck is Light Pewter with grey clot

The sewer pipe mod

Is there is sewer pipe mod list. A buddy wants me to do it on his 96. I've never done it. Thanks.

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