Reporter Captures

TV Screen Captures of tv presenters, news readers, weather forecasters, singers, actors.

reporter, captures, #screen, presenters, news, readers, weather, forecasters, singers, actors


More than a Saints Forum, FOR ALL WHO LOVE THE CITY OF SOUTHAMPTON!!!!! Stars of Stage & Screen and Ex-Saint stars among members!!

southampton, world, forum, saints, starbar, family, football, games, star, celebrity

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Map Screen Shot (RMXP)

I think i saw one some place before but i was unable to find it again so i just threw some scripts that i had laying around together. Code:  #============================================================================== # ** Map

N70 white screen or blank screen solution.

sana makatulong to sa ating lahat................

Sailor Moon Screen Captures

Hey! So this summer I've been doing a rewatch from Classic and I'm currently on S, and along the way I've garnered a huge collection of stills/screen shots from the anime. I just thought I'd share a few of my favorites. I don't think I'd be able to tell

Black screen when entering quest select menu

So, I finally convinced my girlfriend to start playing fantasica. The problem is, whenever she tries to do a quest, the screen goes black. She can't do normal quests or mina's trials. I logged in to my account on her phone and quests work for me. any

Touch Screen Unresponsive 7022

My touchscreen is unresponsive. Bricked my touch screen with Fwtool. Any way to recovery EEPROM erased with fwtool? Any suggestions?

De Niro has the most (on screen) deaths George mention De Niro has died the most Robert De Niro has topped a gruesome new survey - he has 'died' on screen more times than any other Hollywood star. The Taxi Driver legen

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