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GSD Club of Devon website

My bubbas. :)

Just a few pics of my gorgeous Minis! This is Freddy, who is my first and wonderful in every way. He's Mr. Perfect! Bit scruffy and still slightly pink from his dye job in August. Then Maisy, who is the bratty one and the mumma's girl! My heart

Black Testicles

How’s that for a topic starter! Ok, so one of the young roos I processed yesterday had tiny black testicles instead of medium sized yellowish ones like all the rest. All the other organs were normal and healthy looking. I’m assuming this means he

Grooming glove!

I purchased a grooming glove the other day and it has seriously been one of the most amazing things I have ever purchased! Bella normally tries to eat her fur out of the normal comb/brush combo I have. But she absolutely LOVES this thing. It's

schnauzer class

Ive spoken to a lady who is high up in the schnauzer club who teaches people how to groom schnauzers both clip and hand stripping. I just need to see what date suits everyone, I was thinking april 26th??? The lady is emailing me a quote and im just

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