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How to build a tuteur

I ran across this article today. (I'd never heard of a tuteur before. It's basically a pyramid or trellis.) This tuteur was built of branches, but I believe one could substitute milled 1" x 1" pieces for a more formal look. I'm thinking it also might b

Buying comfortable furniture in Lakeside

I am very excited I am finally taking the leap and moving to Lakeside this June! I've been following this site for some time and posted back some time about whether I could live on a small income there. Fortunately I'm able to move down sooner than planne

The Rustic Garden on YouTube

Has everyone checked out Gary Pilarchik's (sp?) videos on YouTube?  He has over 100 very interesting gardening videos.  I'm working my way through them and have learned so much!  He has a blog, also - [email protected] (I think that's it, he

Rustic Fall Wreath

Here is a really cool wreath for the Fall

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