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Ministry of Mischief

An R-17 Harry Potter Role-Playing site based on the Potter Era (1994) for a rather mature audience. Here, you’ll be able to explore the depths of Hogwarts, and its surrounding Wizarding landmarks such

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McWorld Guide

McWorld Stuff - The FIRST and ONLY forum for McWorld! Visit McWorld Guide for complete game guide, codes, contests, prizes, chatbox and more!

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Ronald Valentine Nano Bee

Does Ron still make these 1 gram .003 engines for the public? Dont see them on his site..I believe these were named Blitz .003?? One sold on e-Bay for $500 and stated it is the smallest Diesel engine in the World!! I would like one of these!! Cool!!

Plane for a nano bee

I dont have the cash to buy the engine yet but should be able to save $500 in a matter of a few months. My question, what model airplane could i fit this in? I do not plan to fly the plane or even run the engine, what size plane would I be looking for?

Ronald Valentine is just too cool.

I have got to get me one of these! Valentine's Bee, .00037 (cu in) Nano Bee Diesel Engine by Chris Hans Valentine and Ronald Valentine One of Ronald Valentine’s goals is to build the smallest operational diesel engine in the world. His Nano

Ronald Valentine is liquidating his collection

Ronald told me that he is selling off his pieces. Some are pretty amazing, including rare engines, airplanes and cars. He will be listing many more items he claims Today will be an interesting day where I

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