Free forum : Irish Guinea Pigs

Free forum : This is a forum to come and talk all about your guinea pigs.

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The Pet Palace

A fun, interactive and informative forum for all pet owners!

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Lexington Reptile Expo Forum

The Lexington Reptile Expo Forum is a place where fellow herpers can come and interact with one another regarding our hobby. You will find helpful advice, items for sale/trade, husbandry information and much more. Stay up to date on the Lexington Rep

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Exhibition Mice

Free forum : A forum for Breeders and Exhibitors of Fancy Mice

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Used pet rodent bedding as compost? Good or bad?

We have a rodent farm. Yes, mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils and a few others. These are raised as pets or feeders. We raise them with great care for their health. The protein in their food is from beet pulp, no animal by product. Their bedding is shaved pin

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