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How to make a HUD?

Thinking of making a HUD in photoshop but have no idea what to do as far as Health/Mana. Do I make it animated? Do I save it as a .gif? How do I put in the RPGXP script database?

RMXP = Event Gravity (GPLAT 2 of 2)

I know, I've gone platformer crazy! :~p so much has been learned and discovered these past few years and lots will be fine tuned, polished and shared. I've came across a lot of platform scripts for RMXP, usually it's just a script that makes the

RMXP Helpful Resource Sites

I Created this for every one to post sites that have great resources on them, such as Tile sets, Animation graphics, Character sets and what have you. Post a Link to a site that you think has great resources and I'll add it to this first post. Hopefull


TAP DASH AND BLURRR v.3.0! - just like it says... enjoy! instructions are in the script. new version! +better instructions +even more accurate double tap +option to work with XAS CT Meter (3.9+) +sound effect option +graphic


RPG Maker XP is a personal favorite game maker of mine. There are so many ways to tweak the system into making different platform styles for your game. Here you will find demos that prove the power of RMXP and they are open source so that you can get busy

RMXP Sprites that stand out!

See a 'unique' sprite for RPG Maker XP worth sharing? Post it here! Every now and then when I'm in scavenger mode looking for a sprite to use / edit or to use as a template for making a new sprite... I sometimes come across a really cool sprite every

RMXP + XAS = Changing Face Hud Script

I've been working on this script prior to MOG's Active HUD. The concept was to have a face window that changes with the Hero's actions! At the moment it is set to change by Input, in time it will be set to change based off of actual action. Know that

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