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REMO, Evans, & Aquarian, what do you use' and why ?

Been using REMO but I am switching 2 Evans, I like Aquarian heads for my snare though, takes a real long time for the white to wear of in the middle, a real long time, you can wear the white of of a Remo in a month or less. I have Remo hydraulics on the

Louis Bellson

Well, we just lost a major part of the "drum world franchise" folks: Louis B. is gone. He left us on Valentines day, this past saturday. Two people I love dearly had events on that day, he was one of them. the other, my grand daughter who enjoye

Remo Powerstroke Pro Bass Drum Head

Has anyone tried these Bass Drum Heads?

Back to Remo

Well, I will be returning to using Remo drum heads for my snare and toms. The Evans just don't last long enough for me. If you're gonna change your heads every 10 days or so then they'd be cool, but I'd have to take a second mortgage on my house to do

T.W and Black Dots

Of course in reference to the late great T. Williams playing Remo's classic Black Dot heads. It almost inspires me once again to play using these heads Just a quiet bit of a Sunday morning view on YouTube. Glenn

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