The Receptacle Refugees

A refugee camp for all the naysayers, disagreers and disgruntled hooligans who were left stranded and without shelter when the TS4 Receptacle closed.

receptacle, refugees, #refugee, camp, naysayers, disagreers, disgruntled, hooligans, left, stranded, shelter, closed

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In France, burning refugee camp (VIDEO)

In the French city of Calais in a refugee camp started a large fire, eyewitnesses group Facebook Les Calaisiens en Colère. Witnesses spread in social networks a video of flaming refugee camp. Eyewitnesses reported casualties. Ça continue de flamber de

Migrant children missing in Ireland The issue of migrant children missing in Ireland must be tackled urgently Last year the HSE reported that 328 migrant children had gone missing from care in the period 2001–2005. Disturbingly,

US Man Seeks Refugee Status... Canada. Excerpt: A U.S. citizen has argued before Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board in Vancouver that he

Refugee crisis shakes political allegiances of ‘Russia-Germans’ (Financial Times)

Move to Alternative for Germany party adds to complexity of nation’s fragmenting political landscape. Andreas Fabrizius, a 29-year-old welder from the town of Pforzheim in south-west Germany, is helping to stir up one of the nation’s most settled

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