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A place for Star Wars Fans to not only discuss the Original, Prequel, and Sequel trilogies, but also post fanfictions, top 10's, Expanded Universe topics, and VS battles. It's a Star Wars fanatic's dream come true!

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Stone-Run Forum

A forum for the awesome Swordbird books by Nancy Yi Fan!!Discuss Swordbird, it's prequel, Sword Quest, and coming-soon sequel Sword Mountain!!Also talk about your fave characters like Wind-voice, Aska, Flame-back, and MORE!!!Also there are sections t

stone-run, forum, awesome, swordbird, books, nancy, fan!!discuss, it's, #prequel, sword, quest, coming-soon, sequel, mountain!!also, talk, about, your, fave, characters, like, wind-voice, aska, flame-b

Free forum : Spira's Forgotten Legends

Free forum : Final Fantasy X prequel role playing site.

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Prometheus (ALIEN prequel)

Anyone else excited about this? I can't wait! I actually never saw the ALIEN movies as a kid, but really came to like them as an adult when I finally saw them. Especially the first two. I'm really interested to see what Scott does here. I just got the Blu

Sequel? Prequel? Companion Book?

I am in a quandary. I have completed the manuscript for the novel that follows (and continues) Keechie. It is the story of Keehie's ancestors - the ones who originally came to the area where Keechie's cave is located. It also continues the lives of the

New Prequel (Demons Run 2 Days Later)

More a prequel to the Christmas special, really. How Strax came back:

Season 9 Ep.1 Prequel: The Doctor's Meditation

In case anyone, esp. on the East Coast, would have difficulty staying up with the kids for it, of if you're a "normal" and will be out on a Friday night : link as well: .

The Rise of the Gallant: Prequel

It was a time of silence. The "Wild Challenger" Don Patch had disappeared. The man always ready to duel had grown the opposite to what those know him as, loud and annoying . He had been completely undetectable from all angles shapes forms and even dots.

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