Dogs of Inaria

A roleplaying website for canine-based animals who are in the ruined ancient city of Inaria. This is where they must learn to survive among both humans who want to defile their home and other predatory species who lurk about.

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UK Fishing Forums

UK based fishing forum a much better and more relaxed discussion

fishing, forums, ukff, anglers, angling, carp, france, pike, boilies, tackle, holidays, coarse, #predatory, predator

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I know what a hornworm is now

We had some bad weather roll thru and 2 of my tomato plants in their cheap wire cages fell over. I tried to stand them upright, but the cages were mangled. I purchased some "Ultomato" cages. Anyway, I cut the wire cages apart and as I was

I"ve been blaming the birds for peach damage...

... but today found this monster nibbling on the peaches. And I do mean monster -- he was at least 4" long, and just look at the wicked tail!

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