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Free forum : Welcome to AMWF Misbehave! Welcome in and have some fun! The rules are a pinned post! Enjoy and if you have any questions message the admin team!

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4thGearPinned Winning Isn't Everything, But The Will To Win Is Everything Motocross motocross rockstar monster energy sandbach motocross club sandbach mxc 4thgearpinned 4th gearpinned 4th gear pinned

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Dang MUDHOE, that looks like it hurts

Pam broke her foot, from my cane falling on it after my last hip surgery last summer. The broken bone was growing downward, so she had surgery last week. They rebroke it and put some kind of rod/pin through it. It was suppose to be lined up with the 2n

Do you feel like tapping out/submitting makes your character look weaker than if they're pinned clean? Why or why not?

There's a stigma associated with tapping out about wrestlers/characters looking weaker for having "given up," but you're beaten straight up either way. I sort of understand since I'd rather be pinned than tap out, but ultimately it's more how you're

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