Free forum : Lake Hoohaw Boards

Free forum : A place for all PB&J Otter fans to unite!

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Young Trappers Group

A Trapping Forum just for kids.

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Safari sea otter

I found this little guy in my storage of old toys from when I was a child. He's so sweet! Can anyone tell me anything about him? I can't find any pictures of him online.

My local friend shows me a interesting figurine, Kinder Surprise otter

For a few days my local collector friend visited me. He had found a small plastic animal, like a choco egg surprise figurine (like Albert Heijn, Kinderüberraschung or Kaiyodo). Under the belly was written MPG TROOG (or 6 as last letter      i cant see thi

Otter & Twin Otter

Hobbycraft Otter on floats. Float struts require some minor adjusments to get the correct angles and distances. I also have a built wheeled version in Norwegian markings but I need to take some photos. The Revell Twin Otter is last years Matchbox reissue,

16214 MBA Otter Families (two variant sets)

I now have both variant sets (brown kelp, green kelp):

When 2013 SCHLEICH otter meet NAYAB otter : The walkaround

The SCHLEICH otter wasn't on my wishlist but I decided to adopt one when I found them in a shop. Then I came back home and add it on my Mustelidae shelf just near the NAYAB otter. same scale, different pose... two good reasons to make a walkaround  

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