Browse through food recipes, ingredients and endless food ideas for any occasion or season. Finding the perfect recipe just got a lot easier.

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Praetorian Democratic Guard

The Praetorian Democratic Guard is a clan dedicated to mentoring new players. Through teamwork and training we will rise to any occasion. We prefer diplomacy, but we are not shy to raise our swords and shields to protect our brethren.

praetorian, democratic, guard, clan, dedicated, mentoring, players, through, teamwork, training, will, rise, #occasion, prefer, diplomacy, raise

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St35 restoration, again!

Hi all, back after an amp free week. Temporarily replaced the metal screws with plastic ones and continued to operate, relatively successfully, upside down. I checked the voltages on a number of occasions and compared with spec voltages. Readings

Theory on White Elephants, Robert, and redlight

Okay, so I've been reading through White Elephants since the reboot, and every entry has me going "wut" just a little more. Robert drives Slendy off with the POWAH OF ROCK! Redlight is revealed to be a hivemind instead of a single person, and is promote

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