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Norwegian skier killed by an avalanche in Bansko

[size=75:e0oy1nyl]Sofia echo 22 February 2010 Norwegian skier killed by an avalanche in Bansko A young Norwegian skier, in his early 20s, died caught by an avalanche skiing outside the designated areas in Bulgaria’s best winter resort of

Anyone own a Agouti?

I was just wondering if anyone on here owned a agouti husky... I havnt seen any pictures of any. I was reading the post about the genes of a husky a little.. I wish that would take off a little more i found it kind of intersting..

What is my puppy?

[img][/img] What do you think he is? He was sold to me as a Siberian Husky, but his siblings were advertised as Norwegian Huskies. Was then told he is half Norwegian half Siberian Husky. Google doesn't come up with much for Norwegian Husky (does

Norwegian pepper cookies

I copied this recipe from a book ages ago but made it for the first time today. I'll give the quantities in the recipe but I halved it today and still got 20biscuits out of it. I found it a bit sweet and not peppery enough (I wanted a bit of a kick) so

Rarest breed in the world?|aimzones|dl6|link3| A six-toed dog that can turn it's head all the way

Theo, Norwegian Forest house cat, Nottingham

Contact/organisation details: RACR, Pm RACR or email [email protected] Does the animal have rescue back up?: YES Location: NOTTINGHAM NG7 Number of groups:1 Group:1 Number of animals:1 Type/Breed/Variety: nORWEGIAN FOREST LONG HAIRE

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