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Duratrax Onyx200 charger help

Good Day everyone Need some help here. Anyone using the Duratrax Onyx200 charger? Can i ask which transformer should i get? i got myself the 220V to 110V max 60watt transformer ...but i can't seems to charge my Onxy5000 nimh battery.

[TIPS] Turnigy nano-tech 4200mAh battery for M-Chassis or nimh battery compartments

Ok, got my batteries and I can see now what the issue is. The battery fits perfectly, but it is the rubber grommet around the power and balancing leads that interferes with the opening on the battery holder end cap: Washers are not a good

What's Hot What's Not.

SENSE INNOVATIONS ESS ONE ENGINE SOUND SYSTEM The ESS-ONE Engine Sound Simulation System by Sense is now readily available on AsiaTees! Also, we did a quick review for all you folks out there that are interested! Sense ESS-ONE is an incredibly

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