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Raven nest cam

There seems to be a new cam, raven nest on top of a chimney in Tallinn. mms:// I cant get my bearings LOL, I try to recognize where the chimney is....

White-tailed Eagle Nest Camera 2011

mms:// New green twigs in there too I tried Pontu-cam too but it is not up yet at least. LK members have not noticed yet......

Ants in my Plants... Bugs in my Beds?

In our area we have hard clay soil. Last year in my row veg garden, I softened the soil by double digging and adding amendments. I had to move a few herbs remaining in the area so I can install my SFG beds. The entire root systems of my herbs were covered

Annoying Bees nesting in leaf corral

Bees are defending a nest in my beloved 6 by 8 ft. by 4 foot leaf corral.  I have a part time gardener who I was overseeing as she built my hot compost heap. ( Still healing from a back injury)  That's when we realized the bees took up residence in the

Drip irrigation

Needing ideas/instruction for a drip irrigation system that will be supplied by my rain barrels!

Denver watch out. Bad weather tonight.

Howdy Folks: Looks like Denver, CO and surrounding areas are in for a winter blast. 19 degrees F. and up to a foot of snow. Hope you have your crops in! Remember carrots can overwinter in frozen MM and be chipped out as the winter progress. God

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