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Rusty Nails Adventurers (RP Guild) - Argent Dawn, EU.

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~ Nail Talk ~

networking nail professionals. ~ Nail Talk ~. professional nail tech forum nails gel acrylic nail tech nail technician metacrawler google msn yahoo

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Nail Networking, sharing pics, tricks and tips!

Sharing Pics, advice, trick, tips and just plain networking nails!

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Temptations bath n' body forum

Post about skincare, bath n' body, and more with people all over the world while getting FREE 100% natural skincare with every post!

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Gypsy Bridle in the Living Room

When I was playing the Living Room numerous times today(in order to get the nails and boards for the 'Board to Board' quest), I had the pleasant surprise of getting 2 gypsy bridles! Strangely enough, when I got them, it was when I solved the room in Exper

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