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[RELEASE] MyBrute Tournament Title Probabilities

MyBrute Tournament Title Probabilities v1.20 DOWNLOAD: (after having clicked on that link, click on "Request download ticket" then on "Download") Summary: This tool allows to

The Truth about myBrute

About 3-4 weeks ago our community came across the browser-game MyBrute. Caught by the entertaining nature of the game, we decided to create and level the character “Stevinho”: A sole Brute representing the whole of our community. Due to the fact that we

MyBrute Down?

Hey, For some reason the last two days has been down do we know anything about this? Or Is it my computer?

Dedicated MYbrute Player

Looking for a new clan, any opportunity at the moment. I play just about everyday to legitly level up my brutes and have already 6 toons over level 11 and up. My main is Hoping for a clan to possibly help me level because

[Clan] MyBrute Community

I created a special clan for its sole purpose is to put our forum's name on the top ten ranking list! Therefore, we can attract more people to this forum. im no longer in control of this clan, due to my account has been

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