The Misfit Pride

What happens when a Pride of lions start protecting mutations, hybrids, and magical abilities? You get the Misfit Pride.

role, play, #misfit, pride, lions, fantasy, magic

Age of Wushu: Misfit

Primary headquarters for that bunch of misfits traipsing across the ancient lands of Age of Wushu.

guild, #misfit, wushu, game

Free forum : Island of Misfit Gamers

Free forum : For our eyes only, since you probably weren't invited. :)

free, island, #misfit, gamers, eyes, only, since, probably, weren't, invited

The Sunsetters

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, one ragtag group of misfit rebels face off against the empire aboard their ship, the Sunset.

sunsetters, long, time, galaxy, away, ragtag, group, #misfit, rebels, face, against, empire, aboard, their, ship, sunset

Misfit Entertaiment House Magician,Metalhead

Free forum : Forum for Misfits Entertainment House. Here We can discuss everything. Please mind your behavior and never reveal any secret. Thank You

house, free, #misfit, entertaiment, magician, metalhead


From where it begins

testing, from, where, begins

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