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Six year progression of a Sierra juniper

I collected this tree in 2008 near Cisco Grove California (with a permit).  Here it is shortly after collection: " /> Next step was a bonsai pot in 2010: " /> After first styling with help from Ryan Neal: " /> Let


Last night, April 28th, Sei Boku Bonsai Kai of San Mateo CA celebrated their 27th anniversary with a party and the great pleasure of having Boon Manikitivapart as the guest demonstrator/lecturer. Boon is one of those bonsai masters who has earned

Sierra Pine d 503

Another popular pattern in it's time ... This pattern also had the name of Pinewood. and the backstamp ..

Sierra Juniper Progression

This is a Sierra Juniper that I collected back in 2006. Last weekend I took the tree to a workshop at Lotus Bonsai Nursery in Placerville California for some help giving it it's first styling. October 2010 - The tree 4 years after collection. No

Love Never Dies 19/03/2010 Ramin/Sierra/Joseph

PRE-SHOW I wasn't in the best of moods before the show I'll admit. The person I was going with was really late and I was convinced I'd be late and it is a pet hate of mine being late to the theatre. Add to this an absolute nightmare of a tube journey

Sierra Juniper

This is a Sierra Juniper I collected in 2006. When I found it, there were only a few skinny branches sticking up above the soil level and several other people walked right past it (lucky me)! After a little investigating I uncovered a thick muscular trunk

Sierra Juniper on Rock

The Sierra Juniper is old collected material that I bought at a bonsai show several years ago. The rock was bought at another bonsai show the same year. A lucky happening, as they seem to be meant for each other. The top of the tree is about 21 inches

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