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The Legend of Zelda: Shades of the Past

A Legend of Zelda RPG that takes place 400 years in the future, where the legend of the hero has become myth.

legend, zelda, shades, history, people, faith, years, hero

The Northern Antiquarian Forum

Archaeology & Myth of Ancient British Sites: Stone Circles, Holy Wells, Maypoles, tombs, shamanism, cosmologies, etc

archaeology, history, mythology, myths, shamanism, paganism, religion, cosmology, megaliths, stone, circles, standing, stones, neolithic, bronze, rock, petroglyphs, witchcraft

BeadThrilled :: Trollbeads Forum & Pandora, Faerybeads and many mo

About Trollbeads and many, many more! Independent, best informed and the latest news from around the globe!

trollbeads, faerybeads, bowerbeads, noosa, chan, pandora, tolkien, dragon, celtic, norse, #myth, mythology, fantasy, fairy, trolls, gothic, steampunk, game, thrones, nouveau, jewelry

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The myth of the 'inherited mess', and the myth of the 'clean up'

(This post is taken from my blog, It happened again, in Prime Minister's Questions, yesterday. It was bound to, really. Rebuked by the excellent Speaker of the House, John Bercow, for using insulting, unparliamentary languag

Were the 1970s as bad as the Tories claim?

“History is written by the victors.” (Winston Churchill) The Tories love to tell us, as if it’s an indisputable fact, that the 1970s were terrible years; the right-wing historian Dominic Sandbrook calls them “the gloomiest decade in modern British

The Myth of Cultural Marxism

When surveying the reactionary blogosphere, comrades, you might encounter a very peculiar social theory about the origins and progression of Western capitalism's present cultural malaise. This explanation has been termed "cultural Marxism." The

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