MaNGOSR2 is a free, Open Source implementation of a game server compatible with the original World of Warcraft client (MaNGOS fork)

mangosr2, server, game, free, open, source, world, warcraft, #mangos, fork, cataclysm

AscendScripting : Home

Free forum : AscendScripting is a Scripting Project that supports Aspire, ArcEmu, and Mangos. We strive for Blizz-Like!

free, ascendscripting, scripting, project, that, supports, aspire, arcemu, #mangos, strive, blizz-like!

FAMILY GUY ® Since 2004-2011

Community driven for success.

best, server, family, since, 2004-2011, private, trinity, #mangos, arcemu


Best forum for world of warcraft server emulation. GLIZZARD'S FORUM

wowwow, wowemu, #mangos, scripts


Free forum : Ascent World Support Forum. AscentWorld

free, ascent, world, #mangos, builds, ncdb, cosa, nostra, repack

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