Tenis liga

Tenis liga

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Prvi forum u Srbiji posvećen NBA ligi, nastao 2009. Pridružite nam se jer na forumu možete pronaćni vesti iz sveta NBA-a, zanimljive teme za diskutovanje, tekstove naših članova i još mnogo zanimljivosti.

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The Naked Soldiers clan page

Battlefield 1942 clan. The Naked Soldiers clan page.

naked, soldiers, battlefield, 1942, clan, forum, bf-league, bf42, #liga, game

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FC Dallas La Liga

FC Dallas hosts small sided games every Sunday for all pre select players. If you are interested in the club and would like to come out and take a look/participate in la liga soon, then PM me for more details.

La Liga leaving GOL-TV

Starting this fall, La Liga matches will no longer be shown on GOL-TV. The rights to broadcast these matches were purchased by the Al Jazeera network. They have created a new channel called beIN Sports, and if you have AT&T U-Verse, you won't be able to

EPL vs La Liga

I say it is La Liga is better defensively and is the better league all round. They have the better players and their clubs at the moment more dominant on a European level. I have said the Premiership for my money was the top league a couples years

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