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Free forum : A Fansite dedicated to Jeremy Anderson, from Abc's Bachelorette 4 TV show

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The Official Touchstone Forum

Forum for fans of the British progressive rock band Touchstone.

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A place beyond the fence where people breathe the same pursuit, chase the same dream and swallow the same music.

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Arthur and Martha 531 courtesy of Jeremy Ashford

Thanks so much Jeremy for sharing your photos.  We have been after this one for a long time!  Will we ever find out who they were and what the story is?   I like to have an individual topic for each pattern for ease of searching ....

jeremy brett sherlock holmes

i some how missed this my entire life, just caught it on pbs and loved it so much i bought the whole series on dvd, wow, i am just blown away by how great this show was done. it was sad to see him so ill towards the end of the show but he put up a very

Jeremy's Cox Stick

After getting his Solo-Lite to fly on my Texaco, Jeremy has been trying to design another creation specifically for a Cox engine. So far it's named the Cox Stick

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