RP Buddies

This is just a RP forum. Please read the instructions and Rules before registering or anything. Thank you!!

buddies, this, just, forum, please, read, #instructions, rules, before, registering, anything, thank, you!!


This group is for crafters everywhere that love to share, free of charge, their ideas and love for hair pretties. We strive to have a fun, caring group of crafters that enjoy the art of h

free, hairbows, freehairbows, #instructions, group, crafters, share, ideas, hair, pretties, clippies, hairbow, headband, pillowcase, dress, craft, show, korker

Fiddle Knits Designs – Forum

Chat with other knitters and crocheters about Fiddle Knits Designs patterns. Ask questions, get help on patterns, and enable fellow crafters to buy more yarn!

knitting, fiddle, knits, designs, patterns, crochet, knit, #instructions, free, help, forum

Free forum : BCA DECA Competitions

Welcome to the BCA DECA Comp. Forum. This is the place where you sign up for competitions. See INSTRUCTIONS for details.

free, deca, competitions

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Little Blitzer or Cutechess CLI

Hi all, I wanted to do some extensive testing of new features in the Stockfish Chess Engine. I needed some help getting Little Blitzer 2.7.2 up and running. Can someone upload a copy of the Engines.lbe or tournament file that is apparently needed to run

Did you lose all your helper?

I'm really curious what is happening to MM Game Wonder if GI is channeling server space for other game? Or doing maintenaince to better improve current game? Or targetting higher level player, so to frustrate them and make them leave... Thus this

instructions set

SSE4.2 May generate Intel® SSE4.2, SSE4.1, SSSE3, SSE3, SSE2, and SSE instructions for Intel® processors. SSE4.1 May generate Intel® SSE4.1,SSSE3, SSE3, SSE2, and SSE instructions for Intel® processors. SSSE3 May generate Intel® SSSE3, SSE3,

How to make openbook - instructions !

I see here some guys called this "book". They import games in book and they think it's book. Openbook is this: For example it's openbook (part 1) (part 2)

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