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Free forum, to discuss, research and identify Pottery If you like Fat Lava you will love this site. The largest selection of WGP on the internet. Every known maker of Pottery & Glass has their own thi

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Discuss, research and identify 20th Century pottery, glass, fine art, lighting, furniture, and decorative arts.

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Identify bonsai, and assistance please...??!!

Hey guys, As you can no doubt gather i am a new user on this forum. I have been given a bonsai from a friend, as a thank you gift.(according to the packaging it came in, it is 4 years old ??) I have always wanted a bonsai, since i was around 15 years

Help to Identify Tiny Bug on Soil

Hi All, I see some white tiny bugs on the soil of my bonsais. They are very tiny and moved very quickly around the soil when it is being watered. Can you guys help to take a look at the photos below and see if they are root aphids or hypoaspis

Help to identify a tea cup and saucer

Hello, I'm just wondering if anybody can help identify the manufacturer of a tea cup and saucer please? I've attached a photo and the only markings are on the base of the tea cup which say 'Made In England'. Many thanks in advance!

Can anyone identify this silvertone?

Hi all - I'm new to the forum. I recently acquired a Silvertone Radio. It has model number scrawled inside - see Pics - but I cannot identify which one it is for purposes of finding a schematic. A Sentinel 6A has the same tube lineup and even the part

Need to identify this engine (Please look at page 2)

Hi, I tried to find out which engine it is. But I like to ask the experts here to be sure. It has a thimble drome mark on the tank. On the backplate is written Made in USA. This engine was built in a cox cl warhawk from 70`s. The plane

Can someone help identify the signature/Indentation Pottery Mark!

Dear All, First time posting, firstly this place is very cool indeed. Am currently identifying several pieces i have been given, however am stuck with this signature! Help would be appreciated of course. It is a pottery vase about 4 inches high gree

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