Eternal Enemies

A role-play based in Africa surrounded by enemies

rivals, roleplay, based, africa, eternal, enemies, lion, #hyena, role-play, african, wild

Spectrum | Project UTK

The forum for the upcoming animal MMO, including several new and experimental species and a new graphic style.

spectrum, untitled, kingdom, animal, upcoming, including, several, experimental, species, mmorpg, un-titled, #hyena, wolf, play, grif

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Inu Inu no Mi Model: Hyena (APPROVED)

Inu Inu no Mi Model: Hyena (Dog Dog Fruit Model: Hyena) Type: Zoan Description: Allow the user to transform into a Hyena or a Human-Hyena Hybrid. The user has a very strong bite, as Hyena's have the strongest jaws amongst canines.

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