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For people who have an interest in Nanning, China or the Guangxi Provence

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Forum for all interested in Nanning, Guangxi, China.It's not for the fainthearted so if you can't take a heated debate and dirt flying?Don't join

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Nanning China Information Forum. Marriage, Visa, Work, Settlement Info

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Seiseki in Guangxi, China (5)

You Lan stone You Lan stone produced in mountain stream in You Lan village near Liu Zhou, Guangxi province. You Lan stone is not only mountain stone but also water washing stone. “You Lan” is the mane of a village which this kind of only be found there,

Suiseki in Guangxi, China (1)

Hi, friends, I here share some information about suiseki in Guangxi, China. 1. Da Hua stone Da Hua stone also called Da Hua color jade stone come form in the Hong Shui He River near Da Hua town,Guangxi province. Washed by rapid torrent for more than

Suiseki in Guangxi, China

Black pearl stone Black pearl stone come from Hong Shui He river in Lai Bin near Liuzhou city. It is one kind of river stone with black bright smooth surface and compact structure, most part of Black Pearl stones are object stone and viewing stone, it is

Suiseki in Guangxi, China (3)

Pear skin stone Pear skin stone come from Hong Shui He river inYan Tan near Da Hua town and Rong Jiang river. Due to the skin of stone looks like the skin of pear, so it called Pear skin stone. The quality of Pear skin stone is compact, and the skin of

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