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Need for speed forum which is a home to the modders and researchers of need for speed games. We are creating resources and mods for nfs games, as well as fixing bugs in the games.

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RuneScape 3 (Client) Glitches & Bugs

Heya. Last week I haven't had much time to come online, so I'm not too keen to adjust all options on newest RuneScape (3) Client we had to download. I experiance a lot of, what I think are, glitches and in-game bugs. I want to do it easy way, and mayb

Anyone found any glitches?

Anyone found any funny glitches? I was playing car soccer when all the cars decided that the laws of physics were boring so they went through the floor and then through each other haha I didn't get a photo of it Probably due to lag though.

Weird Zinogre glitches

Sometimes, his head starts twitching and stands there... easy hits there. Sometimes he cancels an animation and goes immediately in super saiyan 3 mode.

Parenthood glitches

What are some glitches you guys would like fixed regarding parenthood for the next patch? I'm pretty active when it comes to tweeting the Gurus.

Menu glitches

I'm doing a modded playthrough and everything's fine until I get to primm and loot a person with no problem then i go into readius and the surrounding part of the screen is transparent pink and when I equip a item the mesh is fine but the textures are


Important notice for ALL members who plan on playing with us, please read: Source: The following glitches have been brought to our attention and are banned from being used on the Battlefield

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