Space 1999

Discussion of Gerry Anderson's science fiction series Space 1999 starring Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Barry Morse, Catherine Schell, Nick Tate, Prentis Hancock, Zienia Merton.

space, 1999, martin, landau, barbara, bain, #gerry, anderson, science, fiction, nick, tate, catherine, schell

The Butler's Pantry

Gerry Butler's Pantry : A Fan Domain for the Sanely Insane

gerard, butler, #gerry

Free forum : Justice 4 ALL Madeleine McCann Family

A Forum to offer support to Madeleine McCann's parents and highlight the travesty that children can just vanish, never to be seen again. The Portuguese Police are guilty of dereliction of duty.

madeleine, mccann, tinkerbell, rosiepops, english, duty, praia, portugal, policia, judiciaria, murat, anti, kate, #gerry, missing, vanished, justice, negligence, truth, amaral, book, christmas, appeal

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Favourite Ads in a Comic?

Just thought I'd start a thread in which we could share our favourite advertisements from comics past. To get the ball rolling, I have fond memories of the Hostess ads which ran in American comics of the seventies and early eighties. Marvel generally ran

Star Trek in UK comics

I was an avid reader and collector of TV21, and all its subsequent mergers and spin-offs, and I really loved the UK treatment given to Star Trek in Joe 90 Special Agent comic and later in TV21 & Joe 90. The double page centre spreads in Joe 90 were a

Gerry Anderson needs to be in this!

Why no thread to the master of cool?

Peter Clough, Nantwich Pottery

Nicely made studio vase with ribbed decoration and tenmoku glaze, impressed potters mark appears to be NP with a dot below the P. The leg of the N seems to finish shorter than the P. Any ideas please?

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