Creature of Chaos

Creature of Chaos... the dark castle of Dracula has been called many things, but none more frightening. If you dare, join the troops and choose your side... will you fight to prevent Dracula's revival, or will you aid it and bring it forth?

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Cold System Roleplay

Cold System Role-play is the home for the truly frightening dead space role-play. Bringing true horror to Garry's mod.

cold, system, roleplay, role-play, home, truly, #frightening, dead, space, bringing, true, horror, garry's

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A long and frightening tale of horror and degradation!!

I accidentally killed my little e-machine I bought just a year ago. Last weekend I discovered that my 'puter had no "start" button or taskbar and therefore,I couldn't pull up my homepage. I clicked on my IE icon on the left but evrytime I did,

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