Expedition 18 Forum

Expedition 18 Forum

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The Farway Expedition

Forum for the Farway Expeditions members

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BURP Kayak Expedition

Forum for discussing the BURP Kayak Trip

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BSAE 2012

British Service Antarctic Expedition - 2012

bsae, 2012, british, service, antarctic, #expedition

Artic Expedition

A site that you can be a animal of the Artic or person and create a person and a pet dog

artic, #expedition, site, that, animal, person, create

Twilight Expedition Forum

Hail Adventurer! If you have grown weary of endless jobs for people you don't know, If you were promised you would see the world but haven't quite got around to it yet, Then Twilight Expe

twilight, #expedition, forum

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River Raider Offroad Expedition Snorkel

Hey guys, been a while since I have been on here everything gets busy as I'm sure everyone knows... But I just wanted to show a new snorkel that is being made by River Raider Offroad. They asked on the Blueroom for a victim to test a prototype on and I

Map of Michael Terry's 1932 expedition

Map of Michael Terry's 1932 expedition route through Central Australia between Gibson's Desert, Lake Mackay and the George Gill Range. This was one of a number of expeditions in Central Australia by Terry between 1930-1933 to identify possible mining

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