Old EverQuest

The forum for Old EverQuest, a community project to play EQ the old way, regardless of how much the game is altered.

#everquest, community, project, play, regardless, much, game, altered

Twilight Underground

Twilight Underground forums. Twilight Underground. Twilight Underground SoD shards of dalaya dalaya everquest emulated server everquest emulated server guild

twilight, underground, shards, dalaya, #everquest, emulated, server, guild

Order of Reverent Mirth

Fenin Ro Everquest Guild. Order of Reverent Mirth. Everquest

#everquest, order, reverent, mirth

Ill Will - EverQuest Guild Forum

A place for all Ill Will members to interact. Ill Will - EverQuest Guild Forum

will, #everquest, guild

The Outfit

Message board for the Everquest Guild on Test Server

outfit, message, board, #everquest, guild, test, server

Grey Horizon

An EverQuest Guild - Tunare Server

#everquest, guild, grey, horizon, raiding, tunare, server, mentis, sarkus

Knights Of Norrath

A guild in the game everquest 2 Extended

knights, norrath, guild, game, #everquest, extended

Celtic Knights

A Najena MMORPG from Everquest 2. Celtic Knights. Celtic Knights

free, forum, celtic, knights, najena, mmorpg, from, #everquest

Smedley's Solo Server

An Everquest Emulator Server

smedley's, solo, server, #everquest, emulator

Free forum : Everquest Progression server

Free forum : for us to organize with so we can create a new guild for the new server.

free, #everquest, progression, server, organize, with, create, guild

Black Sheep

Black Sheep an Everquest guild located on The Al'Kabor Project server.

black, sheep, #everquest, guild, located, al'kabor, project, server

Welcome to Rune Blade

Free forum : An EverQuest II Guild on the Splitpaw Server

free, rune, blade, #everquest, guild, splitpaw, server

Twilight Brigade

Everquest 2 Guild site

twilight, brigade, #everquest, guild, site

Celtic Knights

A Najena MMORPG from Everquest 2. Celtic Knights. free forum,

free, celtic, knights

Ancient Lands

Free forum : Forum for the private Everquest server Ancient Lands

free, ancient, lands

Yakuza - A King Mortenson's Raid Addict's Guild

An EverQuest Guild. Yakuza - A King Mortenson's Raid Addict's Guild

free, forum, yakuza, king, mortenson's, raid, addict's, guild

Tenebris Nos Vocat

A family type Gaming Community

mmorpg, guild, gaming, community, minecraft, takp

The Guild

Free forum : Website for The Guild on Kithicor Server of Everquest 2

free, guild

Crazed Misfits

Everquest Guild on the Tunare Server. Crazed Misfits

crazed, misfits

Pravus Mentis

Pravus Mentis of Firiona Vie Guild Forum

#everquest, firiona, pravusvmentis, guild, forum

Dan's Gaming Forum: Home

Discuss all things gaming and other topics in Dan's Gaming Forum!

game, gaming, people, wikipedia, food, runescape, funorb, jagex, #everquest, neopets, maplestory, youtube, yahoo, website, mcafee


A free-to-play, preferred EQEmu server

eqemulator, varlyndria, fantasy, #everquest, eqemu, server, emulator, medieval, roleplaying

Free forum : Glimmer of Hope

free forum : Glimmer of Hope - An EQ Guild Forum. free forum : Glimmer of Hope

free, glimmer, hope, #everquest, guild

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