Clio's Compass

A forum of to-be historians dedicated to the exchange of intellectual resources and the overall survival of Grad School (aka Come: Meet People, Note Share for Generals, Exchange Chapters)

history, notes, generals, examination, clio's, compass, atlantic, early, american, latin, modern, european, #ethnic, native

Free forum : callin cooks from all over the world

Free forum : A collection of great cooks from all over the world

free, callin, cooks, from, over, world, collection, great, cooking, asshole, food, recipes, waylandcook, copycat, #ethnic

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My Ethnic Ethan by Nicole Russell!

I got this little guy finished and I love him as an AA or Biracial baby!  I also love his size, he's 20 inches and weights 5 Lbs. 8 Oz.!

Alternative Cartography

Throughout the last couple of hundred years, cartoonists have produced satirical and humorous maps. Please post your favourites. Start with this one from 2009 of a view of the Great War

Anna Lucia ethnic toddler

Hi girls, I would like to share my Anna Lucia Toddler with you. Critics, tips are welcome!!! " />" />

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