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The Official Website of Yousef al-Khattab

A collection of books videos and family info that I like and wish to share. Welcome!

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The history of the Cox .049 Die Cast crankcases

Below is an explanation supplied by famous collector Dan Sitter. Furthermore, Estes/Cox had plans to manufacture .020 and .09 engines with Die Cast crankcases (we have the drawings). In the early history of Cox Hobbies Incorporated, a young

Estes Bullpup 12D model rocket

Built in the early 90's... it's never been flown. I used to take my kids out to fly rockets back then. It was a lot of fun!

Sterling PT Ringmaster by Estes

Hey members I just picked up this Sterling PT Ringmaster by Estes for $15 CAD, great deal still in the plastic. I don't remember this model from years back but, was just wondering if anyone has built or flown it before? I also didn't realize that

Cox/Estes X Wing Canard CL Kit

Just finished building my X Wing. I am curious though as to how it stays outside the circle. It has no wingtip weight and no actual rudder all together. The only thing I can imagine doing anything is that the outboard elevator is fixed in slightly down

You Were Made For This

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Women Who Run with Wolves, The Creative Fire) has long been one of my author/mentors. I have recommended her work, and have quoted her on every message board I have ever participated in. I still look for more of what she has t

Killer bee 97

Hello im mariano , again with another question . yesterday y have found at a local hobby shop in buenos aires called kanning , a 0.49 killer bee , in the classic red and black cox box , but no gold anodized cranckase , and no yellow neddle valve . After

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