Free forum : Wicked Duel Academy

Free forum : an academy based off of 3 cards the wicked eraser, the wicked avatar, and the wicked dread root.

free, forum, wicked, duel, academy, based, cards, #eraser, avatar, dread, root, yu-gi-oh, yugioh, strong, amazing, cool

Battle Royalle

A story line based upon the series Black cat. Choose to be a sweeper working for money, an eraser working for Chronos or a simple civilian.

battle, royalle, story, line, based, upon, series, black, choose, sweeper, working, money, #eraser, chronos, simple, civilian

Maximum Ride Role-play

Roleplay as a Maximum Ride mutant, scientist, or Eraser!

maximum, ride, roleplay, role-play, free, kids, just, like, ride!, scientist, #eraser, that, mutant, 2%, bird, 98%, human!

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New ST-70 Build

Recently completed one of Bob's ST-70 kits. It was a blast to build and sounds absolutely fantastic - amazing really. Came into it with only very minimal soldering experience. Ran into only a couple of snags and Bob was right there to quickly answer

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