Battle Royalle

A story line based upon the series Black cat. Choose to be a sweeper working for money, an eraser working for Chronos or a simple civilian.

battle, royalle, story, line, based, upon, series, black, choose, sweeper, working, money, #eraser, chronos, simple, civilian

Maximum Ride Role-play

Roleplay as a Maximum Ride mutant, scientist, or Eraser!

maximum, ride, roleplay, role-play, free, kids, just, like, ride!, scientist, #eraser, that, mutant, 2%, bird, 98%, human!

Free forum : Wicked Duel Academy

Free forum : an academy based off of 3 cards the wicked eraser, the wicked avatar, and the wicked dread root.

free, forum, wicked, duel, academy, based, cards, #eraser, avatar, dread, root, yu-gi-oh, yugioh, strong, amazing, cool

Topics linked your research : eraser

How to recolour with the MC paint eraser ??

Okay here is my question,How do people recolour with an eraser???I searched up tutorials on Youtube but none of them worked/very un-understandable.I really wanna learn to do this because its hard to just recolour normally and it takes hours.I don't mind i

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