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Coils of rope to explore the elevator? What gives them or how to get them?

Anyone know what we have to do to get coils of rope to explore the elevator? I have been able to explore it once only.

Charging items for the monster collections

I am frustrated that I will not be able to complete this event because I won't have enough charging items. I max out my requests every day. I feel like GI creeated an event that can't be completed unless you take advantage of certain...glitches. So,

How to bring out Phenomena

I believe my theory on Phenomenons (phenomena) is correct. Here is my observation: 1. If I do the same room over and over and over, phenomenons do not appear. 2. If I do different rooms, they randomly appear. Here is my theory: - of all the open

Repairing Antique Elevator

When attempting to repair the elevator while I still need to unlock it, the quest says I need 600 units of energy. Is there somewhere I can earn or get the energy without using diamonds to buy it? I have all the tools, but where to get these energy

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