SOUTH COAST COUGARS, The Club for all Ford / Mercury Cougar owners!

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The Mildura League

Mildura Football League. The Mildura League. Mildura Cougar Soccer Mildura League

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Cougar Forum

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Free forum : Four Eyed Fords Forum

Free forum : A forum dedicated to the preservation, modification and proliferation of four eyed Ford Mustangs, Granadas, Fairmonts, Thunderbirds and their Lincoln & Mercury cousins.

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Notes from the Tournament Final

Quick impressions: The Orleans Arena had plenty of empty seats. Suspect the economy affected attendance. Gonzaga had 90% of the fans at the game. SMC had a section plus some, and there were a smattering of non-partisans (UP, BYU, LMU are who I saw).

New book on Big cats Hmmmm...might need to carry an AK47 now Robert

ANF Trails

ANF has some easy trails and plenty of good riding. Great system for a beginning rider. The Marienville bike trail section, (ATV legal) does have a couple rough and rocky sections though, but that is just one side loop. There is a connector trail to

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