Free forum : Compile Crazy

Free forum : Compile Crazy Forums A place to go to learn and discuss web development and programming. Everything from Python to Java, HTML to PHP. A great place for programmers and web developers as

free, forum, #compile, crazy, forums, programming, coding, development, page, site, python, tools, learn, ideas, project, chat, scar, compiling, java, c-family, pascal, html, javascript, brainfuck

Noctis Academy (private edition)

Just a place for 2 of us to compile our stuff

noctis, academy, (private, edition), just, place, #compile, stuff

Fiction- A Game in Concept

A site to compile and collect ideas and concepts for the beginnings of a new mmorpg to be developed

fiction, fantasy, game, concepts, mmorpg


Beyond Emulators-Your #1 WOw Repack Resource. Beyond-Emu

repacks, world, warcraft, private, server, ascent, #compile, compiles, database, blizzard, blizzlike, blizz-like, funserver, custom

Türk Ulus Budun

This free forum is created to facilitate discussions about the future of Turkic people and to compile some useful information about Turkic world.

turk, ulus, budun, domaine, turquoise, turks, turkism, turan

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How to compile sourcecode for stockfish?

Can someone please guide me in how to compile the stockfish source code? I am a newbie when it comes to coding and would simply like to compile a POPCNT rendition of stockfish using visual studio 2010. I imported all the files just fine, but when I build

How to cross compile from windows for android ?

How to cross compile from windows for android ? (totaly newbe question) I try to stockfish like this: Code:make profile-build ARCH=armv7 COMP=mingw but it produces an exe for windows ... (lol) Then I did some research, and some recommend

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