Commonwealth Order Of Gamers

Gaming & Modding community with a big Military Influence.

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Commonwealth - The Neutral Zone's Mega-alliance

Free forum : Commonwealth, the Neutral Zone.

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Commonwealth of Nations

The official off-site community for Commonwealth member states.

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Be4 - The Fallout 4 RolePlay

Be4 is a Fallout 4 roleplay which takes place before the Institute became the "Boogeyman" of the Commonwealth. Check forums and discussions for more information.

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The Commonwealth

Free forum : A place to talk about almost anything.

free, forum, #commonwealth, place, talk, about, almost, anything

War of Ekron

A War for Galactic Domination. The Etarizi Empire and the Prion Commonwealth fight for control of the Ekron galaxy.

ekron, galactic, domination, etarizi, empire, prion, #commonwealth, fight, control, galaxy

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SPOILER: Is the Institute Good for the Commonwealth?

So this was a video done by Shoddycast, really interesting take on the Institute. I know we had our own discussion on the Fallout 4 ending and it seemed like most people were in favour of the Institute so I thought sharing a different perspective would be

fallout - Mojave desert or the commonwealth ?

I prefer the desert ambient but some of my friends prefer the commonwealth

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