Heart Chorus

This is the forum of Heart Chorus, a chorus on YT that covers Vocaloid and Anime OP songs in English AND Japanese.

heart, #chorus, this, forum, that, covers, vocaloid, anime, songs, english, japanese

Shinrai Chorus

This forum is for members or fans of Shinrai Chorus, which is a chorus for people who love to sing! We sing Vocaloid songs, Anime/Manga songs, and much more!

shinrai, #chorus, this, members, fans, which, people, love, sing!, sing, vocaloid, songs, anime/manga, much, more!

Minna no Chorus [みんなの合唱]

Minna no Chorus, the chorus for everyone.

minna, #chorus, youtube

Hoshizora Chorus!

A newborn chorus to bring people the light of hope through singing.

hoshizora, chorus!, newborn, #chorus, bring, people, light, hope, through, singing

Hingham High School Chorus

Forum postings for HHS Chorus.

hingham, high, school, #chorus, forum, postings

Sakura BLOSSOM Chorus

Hello everyone! Welcome to our channel. We're a chorus that sings Vocaloid songs and sometimes anime songs.

free, forum, sakura, blossom, #chorus, hello, everyone, welcome, channel, we're, that, sings, vocaloid, songs, sometimes, anime

VocaDreams Chorus


vocadreams, #chorus

Sakura Hanabi Chorus~

A chorus that specializes in singing Vocaloid songs. We consist of 21 singer and a mixer.

sakura, hanabi, chorus~, #chorus, that, specializes, singing, vocaloid, songs, consist, singer, mixer

★Kirei Chorus

A brand new chorus coming to youtube! We will be singing anime and vocaloid songs!

★kirei, chorus★, brand, #chorus, coming, youtube!, will, singing, anime, vocaloid, songs!

Moonlight MINI Chorus

This forum is creater for Moonlight's Mini Chorus group of singers/fandubbers.

moonlight, mini, #chorus, this, creater, moonlight's, group

Youtube Chorus Forum

Free forum : A forum for people to discuss about Youtube Chorus

youtube, #chorus, forum, utaite, vocaloid, nico, douga, people, discuss, about, utattemita, youtaite, recruitment, groupdubs

Toxic Crystal Chorus

A Chorus designed for Anime, J-pop, K-Pop, Vocaloid, and various other covers. Run by FluffyTachiChan

vocaloid, toxic, crystal, #chorus, anime, j-pop, k-pop, various, other, covers, fluffytachichan

We Are One Chorus

This is our page for news, meetings, and discussions

free, arnold, #chorus, high, alumni

Free forum : Sora No Chorus

Free forum : We sing, we dance, we do everything but backflips 8D (Actually, we may be able to do those...) owo

free, forum, sora, #chorus, sing, dance, everything, backflips, cloudy, hammy, ranii, singers

Doki Doki Rhythm

DDR is a Youtube Chorus.

doki, rhythm, youtube, #chorus


A chorus group that centers on Hello! Project pieces. November 2009 - present

helloprochorus, #chorus, group, that, centers, hello!, project, pieces, november, 2009, present


Come here to find status updates and chorus information from Chloee~

dschorus, come, here, find, status, updates, #chorus, information, from, chloee~

Basil Tea Chorus

Basil Tea~ Get it while it's hot!

basil, #chorus, tea~, while, it's, hot!


forum for the chorus group stardust★blitz.

stardust★blitz, forum, #chorus, group


The official forum for antithetical chorus

antitheticals, official, forum, antithetical, #chorus


Crunchyroll Chorus' Official Forum

crunchyroll, chorus', official, forum


Chorus Group

xxepicchorusuxx, #chorus, group

♕ cнєcкмαтє яєqυιєм

A simple forum dedicated to the English Chorus Group CR.

cнєcкмαтє, яєqυιєм, simple, forum, dedicated, english, #chorus, group

Miku ☆ Miku Chorus

Music from the heart.

miku, #chorus, music, from, heart

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