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The Buddhist Lounge : A place to talk about all things Buddhist.

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7 Gems

7 Gems Buddhist Civil Engineering Site Tour Education Foundation with International Relief Advisory

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Free forum : OBC Connect

Free forum : This forum is a place to connect with current and former members of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. Keep in touch, voice your concerns, share your experiences regarding Shasta Abbey

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The Knowledgarium

Secret Passages Lead to a Haunted Castle Where Souls Read to their Hearts' Content

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The Queer Bookshelves

Secret Passages Lead to a Shack Where Souls Read & Journal to Their Hearts' Content

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Soto Zen and Japanese Buddhist History -- beyond mythology - books of note

VISIONS OF POWER: Imaging Medieval Japanese Buddhism by Bernard Faure – Bernard Faure's previous works are well known as guides to some of the more elusive aspects of the Chinese tradition of Chan Buddhism and its outgrowth, Japanese Zen. Continuing

London Buddhist Society

I thought that it might be useful to create a discussion stream on this board about Kennett's history and relationship to the London Buddhist Society and Christmas Humphreys. Is it that important? Not really. But I feel that this website is a place to

What is the Order of Buddhist Contemplative's Tradition?

I had posted these questions on a different topic and thought it might deserve its own thread.  My questions posted before: "What is our Tradition?"  The Order is not Soto Zen and looks very different than SZBA's current practice.  The Order is not

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