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Some thoughts

I began to attend Berkeley Buddhist Priory in the mid 80's, took the Precepts in the 90's and eventually lost interest. It did seem that the whole structure of OBC is very centered around the monks and exclisively centered on reaching Enlightenment. Most

Saying grace, Buddhist style

My friend Sarah asked me the other day if I have a favourite blessing to say at meal times and I realised I do not. I try to remember gratitude when I eat and I sometimes pause for a moment before digging in, but can't say I always do this. Years ago I

Update on Basil Singer, formerly of North Cascades Buddhist Priory

This might not be a new development, but it looks like Singer has formed his own centre. It would be interesting to hear why, and to understand the degree of Singer's current connection to Timothy Schomberg's group, or independence from

Soto Zen and Japanese Buddhist History -- beyond mythology - books of note

VISIONS OF POWER: Imaging Medieval Japanese Buddhism by Bernard Faure – Bernard Faure's previous works are well known as guides to some of the more elusive aspects of the Chinese tradition of Chan Buddhism and its outgrowth, Japanese Zen. Continuing

Is the OBC a cult? What do you think?

Note: this was previously posted under another topic sometime last week: Is the OBC/Shasta Abbey a cult? In my personal and professional opinion the answer to that question is “yes”. Let’s start by giving the most often quoted and accepted useful

Story about a Tibetan Buddhist deity

I have this Tibetan Buddhist deity practice that I find very helpful to me as he has helped me out through many problems and issues, over and over again, but he is currently being banned by the Dalai Lama and his practitioners are being prosecuted in

What is the Order of Buddhist Contemplative's Tradition?

I had posted these questions on a different topic and thought it might deserve its own thread.  My questions posted before: "What is our Tradition?"  The Order is not Soto Zen and looks very different than SZBA's current practice.  The Order is not

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