The infinity of the blends

Ако си графьор... Това е твоето място... Твоята вечност!

infinity, #blends, ако, си, графьор, това, твоето, място, твоята, вечност!

Photoshop Challenge: The Forum

Free forum : A series of weekly challenges for people who love to photoshop.

photoshop, challenge, graphics, design, gimp, manipulation, #blends

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How to Make a Simple Blend in Photoshop (any version): Lasso Feather Blend Technique

How to make a Simple Blend: Lasso Feather Blend Technique This tutorial will teach you how to make a very simple blend. I made this on Photoshop, but I think you can make the blend on almost every version of Photoshop. You can also try in Gimp etc,

My new Selena Gomez blends

Here they are they turned out pretty good! ;D And the next one!

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