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Missive sent to Ilharess Ischarri bearing Teken'tlar's insignia

A young rothe, seeming human in appearance, dressed in a black tunic with silver braiding looks for Ilharess Ischarri, Echo, around Szith-Morcane, once he finds her he hands her a letter sealed with the oval silver disk crossed with a bone handled

Vampire's Bearing and Humanity/Paths

Much like a Garou's Rage, sometimes the state of a vampires Humanity can effect their bearing, to the point where it is noticed by those with whom they interact.  If your character's Humanity or Path results in such an impact, please place the appropriate

Mission: An Unexpected Invasion (private)

Royce ran through the forest towards Castle Town. The Lord Balendin had sent out a distress call out to other worlds looking for warriors to help clear out the heartless that were plaguing the land. Royce had been tasked with the job of meeting those

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