IVF and Assisted Conception Australia

Free forum : an open moderated forum for people going through or who have finished their IVF or assisted conception journey in australia

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CCT Online Assisted Learning Forum

This is an off site forum for the students of DLHC 3022/BLHC4032 Critical and Creative Thinking Skills, Univesiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka

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Free forum : maggosh's Community Project forums

Free forum : This is the forum used for community projects run by or assisted by maggosh.

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Free forum : Hopes and Dreams

Free forum : Forum for those that are going or have been through IVF

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Assisted Suicide by Loved Ones

What are your thoughts on this, should loved ones be prosecuted for helping their loved ones accross to the otherside, should they be punished or not or does it depend on the circumstances?

Marker Assisted Gene Pyramiding

Swimming pool and assisted living home

Lots of dreams these days, so I know God is speaking about things in my life at this very moment. Dream: In my dream last night I was with my Mom at an assisted living home (IRL there is such a place across the park from where my Mom lives). Ther

Legal, medically assisted suicide

Today, our government made medically assisted suicide legal. It is unlikely that the ruling will stand for more then a few days, but it's a HUGE step towards making this type of death legal. This ruling would allow people who are terminal to get a docto

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