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~ATP~ :: Agressive Travian Players. ~ATP~ :: Agressive Travian Players

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Positional aggressive active solid defensive ,,, chess engines

hi every one what is the difference between the playing styles of the chess engines like : 1-Aggressive 2-Active 3-Solid 4-Defensive 5-Positional 6-tactical 7-Human-like ( human style ) and as you think put the chess engines you knows

RelaxChess 16.10 (more powerfull and agressive style)

Current improvements of the Relax chess engine software resulting in more agressive and powerfull style of wow engine playing in advanced mode. Check it out self, the game is available at

Stockfish Clones and Derivatives

@seyyedmostafakhatami wrote:Excuse me, I repair Heron with 10 Elos as gift for you. tks.. for good work.... seyyedmostafakhatami.....

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